Do you feel confident in the direction Watsonville is heading?

Yes: 84 | No: 122

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Steven Diaz: You mean the direction of keeping things status quo, right? Watsonville needs to get with the times, enough living in the past. Time to modernize the city. Bring in some big businesses and big box stores so the citizens of Watsonville won’t have to travel to Santa Cruz or over the hill to Gilroy. Roy Recio (in response to Diaz) You mean make it look like any other city in the US? Where profits are going to corporate headquarters somewhere else vs. staying right here in the community as we see this trend in lumber stores. Home Depot has pretty much wiped them out. We need to support the local economy, not the Walton / China economy. These big-box stores offer p/t work only because they do not want to pay for health care. Thusly, our Medicare and Medicaid systems are heavily burdened – and guess who pays for it?

Miguel Angel Quezada-Fernandez: Police brutality is my main concern. When cops shoot unarmed civilians in the stomach, and never get removed from the police department makes me sick. 

Brittnee Russo: Can they just get more stores and restaurants downtown please. And for god’s sake, do something with Gottschalks. 

Saul Ramirez: What direction is it heading in?  

Jeremiah Kallaus: Years ago, the building inspection department was really hard to deal with. Has this changed for the better?

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