“Try This” is a weekly column that celebrates local businesses — especially eateries, watering holes, coffee shops and the like.

Tony Nunez

Food: Kong’s Burgers & Cafe

I’m always looking for new food options around town, so when Kong’s Burgers & Cafe moved into Watsonville’s Plaza Vigil I was jumping at the opportunity to taste their stuff. Their addition to the city’s bounty of eateries has made me a happy man. I recently had their King Kong Burger, which came with a beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and — by my choice — spicy pork layered above all the other ingredients. Don’t forget to ask for their teriyaki-sriracha sauce. At only $7.99, it was a fulfilling lunch that I washed down with a coke.

Drink: Tejate

It might be a little unfair to recommend this drink, seeing how it is almost impossible to get some outside of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. But if you ever get a chance to try this incredible foamy beverage, do not past it up. Originating in pre-Hispanic times, Tejate is a corn and cacao mix that is both refreshing to drink and beautiful to look at as the flor de cacao rises to the top and creates a delicious foam that sets this drink apart from anything else I’ve tried. I’ve had it in the states at a couple restaurants in Seaside, but nothing compares to the really thing I had in the homeland.

Fun: Traveling

It doesn’t matter where I go — shoot, even traveling around California is a blast — but I always have an incredible time traveling to new locations. I strongly believe that there is no better way to grow as a human being than getting out of your comfort zone and seeing a new way of life — whether it be moving at a faster or slower pace than you’re accustomed to. It is the best way to jolt your way out of the mundane. 

Johanna Miller

Food: Pizza Mia

Since The Pajaronian’s move to downtown Watsonville three weeks ago, my coworkers and I have enjoyed scoping out all the places to eat within walking distance of our office. This includes Pizza Mia, right next door. Twice since the move I have hopped over to the pizzeria for a quick slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza. Just $3.50 can get you a sizable slice plus a soda. It’s quite the deal and the pizza itself is always hot and delicious. Pizza Mia is located at 30 East 5th St., Watsonville.

Drink: Local beers

Fruition Brewing, 918 East Lake Ave., is turning into one of my favorite places to grab a beer after a long day (or week) of work. At the recently revived East Lake Shopping Center in Watsonville, the brewery has debuted a brand new sign and is now open four days a week. My favorites have been their sour beers and their dark stouts. On Sunday I tried “The Snack,” a tart table beer that was very refreshing, and “Tint,” a brown English malt porter. Both were fantastic and reasonably priced.


Fun: Hiking in the redwoods

Henry Cowell State Park is my go-to place for a short morning or afternoon hike. I love the feeling of being surrounded by giant, majestic redwood trees and walking along the river bed. On a recent hike, the warm weather had scored of people wading into the river and partaking in picnic lunches along the rocky shore. While summer crowds were still present, we found paths less traveled and weren’t often overwhelmed. The distant sound of the steam train at nearby Roaring Camp added to the experience.

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