WATSONVILLE—A 37-year-old Watsonville man was stabbed in the neck early Monday morning and Watsonville Police were able to round up a suspect within minutes.

Via social media, WPD said Aaron Ibarra, 26, who was recently released on parole, is now facing felony charges following the stabbing on the 100 block of Second Street.

Officers responded to the area shortly before 3am where a man had been stabbed in the neck with a knife. A witness saw the suspect run away prior to the officer’s arrival but was able to provide a description of him to officers.

Within minutes, officers found the suspect on the 100 block of Rodriguez Street. He was arrested and booked into the Santa Cruz County Jail for a parole violation and felony charges related to the stabbing.

The victim was taken to a local trauma center for treatment and is expected to survive, police said.

Detectives believe this to be an isolated incident, which is still under investigation.

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    • parole boards are not chosen by party. why not read a book for free, from our local library and find out how that is done. As a member of Friends of the Watsonville Library, I would like to invite you to get a FREE library card. and USE IT.

      • Steve, yours may not be the endearing and educative response, flung forth so appreciatively…as you most often do. Your resourcefulness might suggest your electorate utilize investigatory tools at their fingertips…rather than just point them in your direction whenever you stroll by. https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/bph/commissioners/ are appointed by the governor, and while I checked only two for party affiliation…there are 26…my thoughts follow. You should be very quick with accurate and calmative information when assailants are identified within your community.

        • i do more research tnan anyone who posts here. go back to Texas.
          how about the Robb elementary school massacre in UVALDE? another massive gun tragedy in TEX-ASS that could have been lessened or avoided if state officials did their job.
          Vote Beto ORourke for governor.

          • Oh yeah cause it’s the governors fault for not letting the cops who went in fully suited to not do their job and disarm/put down the shooter. Your logic on the subject is rather disturbing. Maybe you should read some more (like you always tell us) and not let cnn dictate your train of thought.

      • Of course they don’t choose them by party silly.

        If you knew how to read like you claim you’d then understand what I wrote. Did I claim that’s how they were chosen? Nope just simply stating my money is on them all being democrats because democrats don’t want to hold people accountable for their actions.

        Maybe you should take your own advice and do some reading instead of letting the tv dictate how you think.

        • you are the one who is, not only silly, but uninformed and perpetually misinforms the public with your right wing RETHUGLICAN party feces.

          • I’m not a republican btw. I’m sorry you can’t understand that concept as I’ve seen others tell you the same. Just goes to show how your pea brain works or rather doesn’t work.

          • I’m not a republican btw. I’m sorry you can’t understand that concept as I’ve seen others tell you the same. Just goes to show how your pea brain works or rather doesn’t work.


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