Felipe Hernandez
Felipe Hernandez

By Felipe Hernandez

Pajaro Valley voters of the County Supervisorial District 4 need someone who will fight for a fair share of the county’s resources. I am that person. This Nov. 8 election is about the issues that local seniors, families and businesses care about most. There are major differences between the other candidate and me.

Flood protection

I will ensure our brand-new Pajaro Regional Flood Management Agency project is properly completed to provide 100-year flood protection along the Salsipuedes Creek and the Pajaro River. We now have the opportunity to draw $400 million in state and federal funding for the first time in our history. To protect life and property, we must secure the levees so that we do not create the conditions which led to the tragic losses we experienced in Pajaro in 1995. My opponent has failed to take any leadership on this issue.

Watsonville Community Hospital

Local collaboration led to landmark legislation creating the new Pajaro Valley Healthcare District and raising over $60 million to purchase the Watsonville Community Hospital. Our hospital is now back in public hands for the benefit of everyone. But the greatest challenge is still ahead of us to ensure our hospital continues to operate for the health and safety of our residents. I will work to ensure that our hospital remains a success story. My opponent has also failed to take leadership on this issue, despite serving on the city council this year. 


We have a housing crisis in our county. I am the only candidate who has advocated for building more housing opportunities for our residents, including seniors, farmworkers, and professionals. My opponent consistently voted against affordable housing projects in Watsonville during his tenure on City Council. We cannot afford that lack of leadership on an issue so critical to the lives of District 4 residents and businesses.


I am the only candidate who opposed Measure D in last June’s primary election in order to protect the Rail and Trail Project, and our local freight customers. District 4 voters agreed with me with over 75 percent of the vote. My opponent failed to take any position on such an important measure for the future of transportation in our county, even when the Watsonville City Council voted to also oppose it.

To get our roads into good shape, I will advocate and pursue our share of county dollars to fix them. Too many people experience damage to their cars as a result of driving over potholes and other defects. I will continue to advocate for a multi-modal, modern transportation system that includes seniors, pedestrians and bicyclists so that everyone, of all ages and abilities, can travel safely.

Protecting farmlands

Protecting our rich agricultural lands in the Pajaro Valley is key to our future. I am the only candidate supporting Measure Q to prioritize development in the urban limit line and protect farmlands against urban sprawl. Farmlands are critical for jobs and to continue to put food on tables across our nation. My opponent has failed to support these important values and Measure Q.

Contrasts in governance

My opponent runs away from tough votes. He deflects and blames others for problems of his own making. He has a history of negative attacks against others since entering politics. This campaign has been no different for him.

I use my two decades of leadership experience to serve the community by bringing over $100 million for Covid protection, improve educational opportunities, fix public roads, create housing, parks, and increase funding for Watsonville Police and Fire.

I want us to build, secure and improve the systems we are going to use for the next generation and beyond. As County Supervisor for District 4, I will do just that. I am honored to have the support from outgoing Supervisor Greg Caput and many other elected officials, veterans, teachers, farmers, business owners, and public safety leaders.

I respectfully ask for your vote this Nov. 8 for Santa Cruz County Supervisor in District 4.

Felipe Hernandez is an Army veteran, former Mayor of Watsonville, current Cabrillo College Trustee, and candidate for District 4 Santa Cruz County Supervisor.

His opinions are his own and not necessarily those of the Pajaronian.

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  1. I write this as ONE member of the Cabrillo board of trustees, not representing any other member or the college itself. JUST ME.
    Felipe, when you are sued where there is NO police report of accusations by the plaintiff , and it happens 17 years after the alleged event, about one month before the election, yes, Felipe it IS a nasty negative attack. so much for your dismissal of Dutra. it does make for a challenging campaign,
    and as far as being negative, it is considered polite to return your colleague’s attempts to reach you by phone or email. nearly all my efforts have resulted in being ignored. that is not positive. that is quite negative. I have had better responses from JImmy, and i do not live in his district, or the district he formerly represented.
    it would be nice if you were present for more votes on important issues on the board of trustees for Cabrillo, or for that matter , on time to meetings where we discuss confidential matters in private. you need to understand , that before you run for another office, you have responsibilities to the office you currently hold, which include showing up for votes . that includes the Cabrillo board of trustees.
    it would also have been nice if you had been present for the first graduation in 3 years at Cabrillo last May. you chose not to show up. i told you i would be happy to ask you boss, who should understand how important a college graduation is, to allow you to attend, but you declined my offer.
    and as far as creating more parks, it is well known that Watsonville has one eighth the amount of parkland that Santa Cruz has. and you were there for those 8 years , on the council.
    it is painful for me not to be able to support my colleague for the board of supervisors. but your record belies your statements above. a real disappointment.

      • Steve is a very nasty person. I hope Felipe wins.
        People who’ve been molested never forget and Dutra had better keep his hands to himself.

      • since you have never worked on a board of trustees, it is clear YOU are ignorant of facts: 1. colleagues on any board of trustees must work together to accomplish mutual goals. 2. people on the board must use their real names, unlike you. 3. I have other trustees on our board contact me regularly, but they do not live in Watsonville. 4. YOU are a noxious pest. you have nothing to contribute to the conversation on this, or any issue. it you wish to contact me about any Cabrillo issue, use your REAL name and contact me at our college website, I say this as ONE member of the board of trustees, speaking only for myself, not the college.
        so my solution ? I am MUTING you. goodbye !

  2. Felipe You have my vote! Pay no mind to the idiots behind the curtain that bad mouth you.

    You are the best man for the job regardless what a Steve T says


  3. when you work with someone as a member of a board, and most meetings are on Zoom, you have a unique opportunity to view your colleagues in unguarded moments. this is why I have written my commentary below.

    • We know the connection between Steve and Dutra. It’s sad that this carpetbagger has an opinion on everything in town. Not that anyone of importance cares. I’m so happy he blocks me the piece of crap that he is

  4. I had supported Dutra until I found out about all his NO votes on affordable housing and other insane votes. Dutra doesn’t have Watsonville’s future in his mind. I think he owes his support to rich people who don’t want affordable housing in their neighborhoods. I have one in mine, and it’s well-kept and the people who live there are just regular people minding their own business. No crime to speak of and the traffic isn’t any worse than any other neighborhood.

  5. I urge you to vote for the candidate who runs a clean campaign. I urge you to vote for the candidate who responds to both texts and emails, even if he disagrees with you. I urge you to vote for someone in an elected position who has been on the job , showing up for meetings and who realizes you have to put in the work before you expect the voters to give you a promotion.
    that would be JIMMY DUTRA. Vote November 8.

  6. It’s time to call the election for Felipe Hernandez! He was the best choice for Santa Cruz County! I am proud to have supported Felipe he is my friend!


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