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December 8, 2023

From the editor's desk: Palm trees represent ‘baby step’ for downtown

Last week, crews planted palm trees in the recently-constructed medians along Main Street in downtown Watsonville. Immediately, people took to Facebook to express their disapproval.

Movie Review: 'Baywatch' a bad, flat watch

...the characters are paper thin, the visual effects look like a 1990s video game, the action set pieces are only passable and there are several scenes that have no purpose and bog down the pace. But its biggest flaw is that it is not funny. Not belly-lau

Letter to the Editor, May 27: PVUSD teachers need a raise

Letter to the Editor, May 27, 2017

Movie Review: Dense 'Alien: Covenant' wastes great performances

Scott’s second go-around in the prequel series is dense, plodding and just plain boring in moments. If you liked the pace and the deep universe building of “Prometheus,” you’ll find bits and pieces that will help make the movie manageable. Everyone else,

Letters to the Editor, May 23: Putting an end to child sexual abuse

Letters to the Editor, May 23, 2017

From the editor's desk: Step forward and report crimes

I am relieved to say that we finally got through a Monday without reports of child abuse popping up from somewhere in Santa Cruz County.

Letters to the Editor, May 20

Letters to the Editor, May 20, 2017

Supporting Watsonville athletics

My name is Marcus Northcutt and I am in my first year as athletic director at Watsonville High School. I write today in support of the Ninth Annual Watsonville High Alumni Golf Tournament scheduled for Friday, June 16 at Spring Hills Golf Course.

From the editor's desk: A boost for local organizations

It was a good weekend for fundraising in the Pajaro Valley and surrounding area.

Movie Review: Schumer, Hawn combo saves so-so 'Snatched'

Directed by Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies,” “50/50”) and written by Katie Dippold (“Ghostbusters”), “Snatched” does absolutely nothing new or special — or better than good, for that matter — but it does what a comedy should: make you laugh.
hanukkah town clock santa cruz menorah lighting

PHOTO: Community lights up menorah for Hanukkah

Leila Veitch lights up the first candle of a menorah Thursday evening at the town clock in downtown Santa Cruz in honor of her...