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June 14, 2024
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Supervisor’s Update: Connecting communities

santa cruz county supervisor felipe hernandez
In this edition, we’ll discuss the collaborative efforts of a safer, stronger Santa Cruz County, the Pajaro Valley Healthcare District Bond, seek representatives for the Measure D Taxpayer Oversight Committee and shaping the “Age Well Santa Cruz County” Master Plan. Join us in staying...

Guest View: Gear up for winter

letters to the editor
Santa Cruz County residents are no stranger to powerful and dangerous natural disasters, including winter storms with lasting impacts on our community.   The Santa Cruz County Department of Community Development & Infrastructure (CDI) knows that even as we continue to pick ourselves up after last...

John Song: A meaning behind ‘Thank You’

Rev. John Song
John Houseman, the British-American actor following his Academy-winning role as Prof. Kingsfield in “The Paper Chase,” became more famous for his commercials for the brokerage firm Smith Barney. His signature look was wearing a bowtie with a three-piece Oxford tweed suit and reading glasses...

Guest View: Flooding lessons have not been learned

letters to the editor
How quickly we forget. Recent activity centers around the levee system on the Pajaro River. Yet, the first flooding in 2023 was in Watsonville, when the Salsipuedes and Corralitos Creeks overflowed. There are lessons from that flooding that need to be applied to those...

Letter: County needs to address river at Murphy Crossing

letter to the editor pajaronian
We went to see the current situation of the Murphy Crossing Bridge area on Jan. 21 after we learned that there was a possibility of flooding in that area the next morning.  We measured the height between the bottom of the river and the bottom...

Ask Nicole: Simple summertime ideas

letters to the editor
When I was a child, Summer. Lasted. For. Ever. I remember long days that usually began with picking beans and then weeds in the hot sun, followed by endless hours of playing (and bickering) with my siblings in the hot sun. By the end...

Letter: Don’t sacrifice airport for development

letter to the editor pajaronian
Under no circumstances should the Watsonville Municipal Airport be the sacrificial lamb for low income housing or other types of development!   Watsonville Mayor Eduardo Montesino states: “A playground for rich people to have an airplane.” Not only is this a reckless, erroneous comment, it also...

Letter: What can be done to prevent more flooding?

letter to the editor pajaronian
After the 2023 flood, $434 million was given by the state and government under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to fund a new levee. The 100-year floodplain levee would sustain the Pajaro River, Salsipuedes Creek and Corralitos Creek with the idea that there is 1%...

Pajaronian Editorial: Yes on Measure N

watsonville community hospital
The Pajaronian has traditionally avoided endorsing candidates and most other issues during election cycles. Our reasoning is simple: a news outlet’s job, we believe, is to provide as much information as possible from all sides of issues and to let our readers make their...

Letter: Help prevent youth suicide

letter to the editor pajaronian
For many of us, November is the month of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season. It is a time when people gather with family and friends to express gratitude and appreciation for the good things in their lives. Families celebrate Thanksgiving as...
santa cruz main jail

Prison in Paradise; Santa Cruz County Jail criticized in annual Grand...

By Alesandro Manzella Many people who are arrested and booked into Santa Cruz County Jail not only lose their freedom, but also access to health...