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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 14, 2023

letter to the editor pajaronian
Flood risk remains high Regarding the article “County issues ‘plea’ for Pajaro levee repairs” in the Pajaronian on Dec. 8, I paid my attention to two points:  1. “But the two other sites in need of emergency repairs have yet to be completed, the letter noted....

Supervisor’s Update: Connecting communities

santa cruz county supervisor felipe hernandez
In this edition, we’ll discuss the collaborative efforts of a safer, stronger Santa Cruz County, the Pajaro Valley Healthcare District Bond, seek representatives for the Measure D Taxpayer Oversight Committee and shaping the “Age Well Santa Cruz County” Master Plan. Join us in staying...

From the editor's desk, Sept. 26: Mexico disasters a sobering reminder

With a 7.1 magnitude earthquake killing more than 300 people in Mexico last week, and an 8.1 magnitude quake striking the southern end of the country earlier in the month, killing nearly 100, a sense of dread is rising throughout California.

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 12, 2023

letter to the editor pajaronian
Power poles are visual blight I had the opportunity to drive on an improved and repaved Freedom Boulevard recently.   Traversing it nice, however, I wish the powers that be had the foresight to include in the budget, PG&E undergrounding of those unsightly poles, electrical transmission wires...

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 10, 2023

letter to the editor pajaronian
Support Cabrillo’s name change I am a Cabrillo College student in support of the name change. Plenty of places have changed their names. Dixie State University is now Utah State University. Robert Lee High School is now John Lewis High School. The more we know,...

Letter: County needs to address river at Murphy Crossing

letter to the editor pajaronian
We went to see the current situation of the Murphy Crossing Bridge area on Jan. 21 after we learned that there was a possibility of flooding in that area the next morning.  We measured the height between the bottom of the river and the bottom...

Mayor’s Update: Stay prepared

Watsonville city council
As we entered the second week of March, we once again prepared for storms and another atmospheric river event that was expected to bring heavy rains and flooding. The City is working tirelessly with many partners to prepare and be ready to assist our...

Letter: Contact, but no feedback

letter to the editor pajaronian
I am at a loss as to why the PVCHD Board of Directors have not responded to my emails to their website. I have sent emails to their contact listing since as far back as April 2022, yet with no response, other than to...

Religion: Accept the adjustments in life

Jay Shinseki Watsonville
One of the basic teachings of the Buddha is the truth of change. This is an undeniable reality that we are all aware of. However, we resist change and cling to the illusion that we are always in control of our lives. When life...

John Song: A meaning behind ‘Thank You’

Rev. John Song
John Houseman, the British-American actor following his Academy-winning role as Prof. Kingsfield in “The Paper Chase,” became more famous for his commercials for the brokerage firm Smith Barney. His signature look was wearing a bowtie with a three-piece Oxford tweed suit and reading glasses...