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March 28, 2023

Berlin, past and present | Travel

Short trip to German capital offers glimpse into famous city Editor’s note: This is the third installment in a series about England, Germany and the Netherlands. From 1970 to 1971, my father lived in Germany. He was a student for a few months of the year,...

An easy jaunt to Davenport

Considering the short drive, we felt like we were in a foreign place, with all new faces, a new setting and plenty of new spots to explore.

Taking a climb up the family tree

My wife Sarah and I drove to Sacramento last weekend to do a little family tree exploring.

A touch of Old Dutch | Travel

Windmills and museums cap off European adventure Note: This is the final part in a series about England, Germany and the Netherlands. October is a hit-or-miss time to travel to Europe. Crowd levels are lower, and flights can be cheaper—but the weather is unpredictable. By the third...

How to survive traveling with others

Let’s just say I’ve been around a bit and have traveled with various combinations of people from small to large groups that have included family, friends, colleagues, and mates; yes, it can make or break a trip. I have traveled on my own too,...

A journey north: Taking a road trip through three states, two countries

On Oct. 7 my wife Sarah and I set out on a road trip through Northern California, Oregon, Washington and to the top of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We stacked up more than 3,400 miles in 17 days. Averaging around 50 mpg in...

Traveling south the long way

Editor’s note: This is the first entry of a travel series based in the Southwest. For the last week of February my wife Sarah and I took a road trip south to San Diego County, both for pleasure and family matters. We’ve taken this trip...

Birthday in the big city

How do you celebrate someone’s 70th birthday? Since fitting seventy candles on a cake wasn’t an option, I decided to take my wife to San Francisco for a big night in the city.

Heading east to The Dalles | Travel

With the first part of this story wrapping up in Fort Bragg on the Northern California Coast, Sarah and I continued our road trip north for a night in Klamath, the home of the Yurok Indigenous people.  A small museum there gave us a valuable...

Mapping out stories in England | Travel

Trips to Haworth, Oxford become literary pilgrimages  Editor’s note: This is the second installment of a series about England, Germany and the Netherlands. In England, literary history is everywhere—from London to the smallest of villages. While in the country recently I visited many places where authors...

Grizzlies continue to improve on daily basis | High school softball

WATSONVILLE—Pajaro Valley High senior Emily Quezada tried out for the softball team last season after deciding she wanted to play the sport for the...

Highway 1 repairs begin